Study Abroad

Study Abroad

  1. Exchange Student
  2. Soongsil Semester
    • Overview
    • How to Apply
    • Pre-Arrival Information
    • Leaving Soongsil
  3. Dual/Joint Degree
  4. Int'l Summer School


Soongsil Semester Program (SSP)

Soongsil Semester Program is designed for students who would like to study at Soongsil for up to 2 semesters with other Soongsil and international students. SSP applicants will be assessed on individual’s academic ability. In order to apply for the program, students should consult with a study abroad coordinator at their home university to secure approval.

  • Program Eligibility

    - Students from schools with no exchange agreement with Soongsil 
    - Students from partner universities who do not come through the exchange student program
    - a non-Korean student
    - Students who are currently enrolled and have completed at least 2 semester at their home university

  • Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
    Tuition and Fees
    Approximately 3,500,000 KRW
    50% tuition waiver
  • Making Payments
    Tuition payments are made directly to the International Relations Office upon your arrival. Payments should be made to a designated bank account number.