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Global Education

Korean Language Program

Soongsil University Korean Language Course was established with purpose to provide quality Korean language courses to foreign students in March 1995. Soongsil University also founded overseas Soongsil Global Education Centers in Vietnam and China. 

Overseas Education Programs

Soongsil University is running cooperative education programs with several overseas partner universities, such as joint MBA program.

ODA Projects

Soongsil University has been actively participated in ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects, such as "the Project for Upgrading Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College to University" in cooperation with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency). 

Business Type

Business Name

Business Period


A Capacity Building Project for Middle Managers of Ho Chi Minh City

The project is to find Human resources supply method for Korea, Vietnam companies, improving middle mangers’ competency.

It is targeted for university graduates and Vietnamese who are finding job in Vietnam.


Dec 2012 ~ Nov 2013



Dec 2013 ~ Nov 2014

A IT Training Program for The Staff of The Senate of Cambodia

The project is to improve efficiency of National Assembly business through IT education related to the kingdom of Cambodia senate operational tasks for IT technology resulting in nurturing experts in the IT field.


21th Oct 2013 ~ 3th Nov




18th May 2014 ~ 31th May 2014



12th Apr 2015 ~ 25th Apr 2015

The project for Upgrading Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College to University

The project is to support promotion of universities in Vietnam as 4 years universities and the best IT universities in Vietnam.

29th Nov. 2012 ~ 28th Nov. 2016

A ICT Master Training for Developing Countries

The training is to foster key personnel who can contribute to economic and social development of developing countries, targeted at advanced officials of developing countries through ICT training.

Sep 2014 ~ Dec 2016

A Capacity Building Project on Government and ICT Sectors for The Ministry of Cambodia Service

The training is to understand various activities and policies on public services and e-government and develop the human resource management system of Cambodia civil servants.

Sep 2014 ~ Dec 2016


A Short-Term Training for Fostering Industrial Technical Human Resources of Vietnam

The training is to educate Vietnamese senior officials about latest technology trends and economic development policy of Korea, deriving Korea’ technology knowledge & capital cooperation for economic development of Vietnam.

Feb 2013 ~ Dec 2013

A Training for Supporting and Fostering University Faculties of Developing Countries

The training is to foster university faculties’ expertise and professionalism of the participants, theories and practices about teaching, conducting research, and educational services.

9th Oct 2014 ~ 29th Oct 2014