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Application Package (2020 Spring)_Exchange Student
작성자 국제팀조회수 973날짜 2019.09.18
파일 첨부 파일 1. Application Process and Checklist.pdf  첨부 파일 2. Application Form.pdf  첨부 파일 3. Housing Application.pdf  첨부 파일 4. Medical Certificate.pdf  첨부 파일 5. Arrival Information.pdf  첨부 파일 6. Health Insurance Application Form.pdf  첨부 파일 Factsheet(2020).pdf 

 How to apply for 2020 Spring semester exchange program 

* Deadline : November 15   
* How to apply : Please find attached application package for 2020 spring semester, and send us through email. ( 
* Course lists will be finalized around 2020 February, so please check the course lists for 2019 just for reference. 
Thank you. 
다음 Course Lists for 2018 Fall semetser