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Notification of Online Reservation Service
작성자 국제협력팀조회수 3294날짜 2015.12.14


Notification of Online Reservation Service

󰏵 Outline
○ In order to reduce waiting time and make the visa application process more convenient, we have now introduced the ‘Online Reservation Service’ taking effect as of 1st February 2016.
- What is the Online Reservation Service?
Applicants can make an online appointment date and time reservation before visiting the immigration office.
- Visiting the immigration office without making an online reservation in advance might lead to longer waiting time which could result in not being attended to on that day.
󰏵 Eligible Applicants and Regional Jurisdiction
Eligible Applicants refer to Foreign students (D-2, D-4), Chinese passport holder(all statuses) and non-professional employees (E-9)
No online-reservation is required to pick up an Alien Registration Card or to issue any type of immigration certificate.
Regional Jurisdiction
- Main Immigration Offices: Seoul, Incheon, Suwon, Seoul Southern
- Immigration Branch Offices: Sejongro, Ansan
󰏵 How to make an online reservation?
○ Visit our website Hikorea ( → Log in → Click reserve appointment → Click online reservation → Select appointment date and time → Print out an online reservation confirmation → Bring this confirmation when visiting the Immigration Office on your reserved date and time. (It is therefore not necessary to draw a waiting number on arrival)
󰏵 Effective date: 2016. 2. 1.
2015. 12. 11.
Chief of Seoul Immigration Office· Southern immigration office
Sejongro branch immigration office
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